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Debbie Armendariz is a leadership coach and course creator with over 25 years experience in public schools.  Her approach to supporting leaders is both facilitative and directive.  She'll ask you questions to help you reflect and give you advice, tools, and strategies to support you along your leadership journey.  You can access some of her LinkedIn Live Events below and more here.

Top 10 Mistakes of Educational Leaders

How to Disagree Without being Disagreeable

How to Give Critical Feedback When You Need Behavior to Change (AKA: Scaffolds for cold feedback)

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Samples of Leadership Tools from Inspire 3M

Frequently Asked Questions:

What makes Debbie's coaching so special?  As an immigrant and Latina, Debbie understands the role of race and culture in leadership.   Her coaching style is both facilitative and directive.  She will ask you questions to assist you in thinking deeply about your challenges and your purpose.  She will offer approaches, language, and tools to help you plan your next move.  Her warm demander will strengthen your belief in yourself and your commitment to  operationalize your intent.  

What does the "3M" in Inspire 3M stand for?  The 3 M's are Model, Manage Mobilize.  The 3M Framework, developed by Debbie, organizes research and theory on pedagogy and leadership into a sequential set of action steps and questions for reflection that keep leaders grounded in effective leadership practices.  

What are Leadership Tools as defined by Inspire 3M LLC?  Leadership Tools are templates or protocols that help leaders do their core work skillfully.  There are tools to plan a difficult conversations, reflect on a meeting or help you sort our how you are feeling about a particular challenge and what you might want to do next.  There are tools for designing effective professional development for educators, tools for inspecting and shaping school culture, tools to help you manage teams, lead meetings, and more.  They will guide you towards more productive, equity centered interactions with your staff or members of your community.   Some tools are adapted from authors in a variety of fields such as education, business, communications, equity, and leadership coaching.  Other tools were developed by the founder of Inspire 3M LLC.  Each Leadership Tool comes in the form of a card that describes a leadership move.

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